Saftrust (Pty) Ltd is situated in Randpark, Gauteng and operates within a professional infrastructure.

The Firm employs a team of full time professional, administrative and support staff and utilizes the services of other professionals and
experts in their particular fields, to ensure maximization of creditor dividends. The firm has a reputation for its lateral, integrative approach
within an environment specific situation.

The Director, Johannes Hendricus Du Plessis, is a successful Insolvency Practitioner with over 30 years’ experience.  Since 1988,
he has served on the panel of the Master of the High Court as a liquidator and trustee.

The firm maintains a reputation as a preferred insolvency practitioner by creditors, being large corporate and financial institutions, as well
as the Master of the High Court of South Africa.


In a liquidation, an insolvency practitioner is indispensable,
and plays a central role in the effective and efficient implementation of insolvency law.