• Winding-up of companies and close corporations;

  • Administration of insolvent estates of natural persons, trusts, partnerships, clubs and other body corporations which cannot be wound-up;

  • Assisting and advising creditors to prove and lodge claims;

  • Assisting in identifying and setting aside voidable dispositions;

  • Local representation of foreign trustees and creditors in cross border insolvencies;

  • Assisting and advising local trustees and creditors, as well as foreign trustees and creditors on tracing of assets, obtaining of information and records;

  • Outsourcing preparation of liquidation and distribution accounts.

  • Investigation of insolvent’s transactions, which includes:

    – disposition not made for value

    – voidable preferences

    – undue preferences, and

    – collusive dealings

  • Judicial management;

  • Preparing the liquidation and distribution account; and

  • Handling cross-border insolvencies;

  • Handling, compiling and proving claims, in estates where we are not appointed, on behalf of creditors;

  • Interrogations


Saftrust in in the process of broadening and creating alliances with local and international stakeholders in the liquidation industry. These alliances are aimed at broadening the company’s market reach, while at the same time giving the company access to diversified skills and resources.